Monkey Talk




Monkey talk inside the head

Driving you crazy, making you mad

picture perfect moments of a lie


In a world where only counts

How much you spin, how loud you shout

Whoever said the truths out there is lying



Forget the world and join the ride

It’s gonna be a long one

We make our own rules for the night

It’s gonna be a long one



No one ever really tried

To love the hell out of this life

With every round a part of you is dying


If you know just who you are

Life becomes easy with hope in your heart

No more tired smiles to hide the crying



Forget the world and join the ride

It’s gonna be a long one

We make our own rules for the night

It’s gonna be a long one

Remember strength comes from inside

It’s gonna be a long one

Hold your head up high and we’ll change the tide

It’s gonna be a long one



All we gotta do

We gotta stay true

To that path we’re on

Where we sing our song

Yeah the song from withing

Where the feeling will shine so bright you realise that no one stands alone


One For The Road



Every story, paints a picture

Of a life not really known

Now you’ve spent that silver dollar

On your last journey home


Oh, the compromise when the highway sings your song

And you realise for there’s nothing…….


Pick an old tune

Feel the rhythm, turn your night into day

Play an old tune

Your religion, it blows the heartache away


A shot of whiskey and another beer

Life in the fast lane, always shifting gear

Too many late nights, where you’re not home

No, you’re no angel and now she’s gone


So, you compromise when the highway sings your song

And you realise for there’s nothing…….



So many had their tomorrow

Yeah, we remember you

Never made it to Memphis

Soul of the song shines through



Missing all the hustle when you’re at home

Missing on your lover when you’re on the road

But when the beat hits and the guitar sores

A slave to music, so your ramble on


and you compromise and the highway sings your song

now you realise for there’s nothing…….




Stick it to the man I say

Hell I’ve had enough

Living on the streets tonight

Children sleeping rough

The lies you feed - of how we need

Tighten the belt, buckle up

Decisions for the state are made

In your members club


Champagne and Caviar it seems

Is your daily bread

While the old man down the road

Makes do with soup instead

You realise, unseeing eyes

Is the key to it all

So, throw your money on a hate campaign

Divide and conquer all


You think you are winning

I've got news for you


Nothing lasts forever

All empires fall

Fading in the sands of time

You may have won the fight

We’ll win the war

5 years in an iron grip

5 years of passing the blame

The promise of election day

Came from the mouth of Cane

When all the hope - has turned to fear

It’s easy to push hate

Confusion over who’s at fault

Hounds claw at the gate


You think you are winning

I've got news for you


House Rules



Turn the lights down low and lock the door

Bring out the whiskey and clear the floor

I’ve been working all week, 5 days in a row

I need to party need to let it go


The crowd is shouting – Shoot to Thrill

And bodies sliding fuelled by liquor and sin

I need a whole new story of the night

Tomorrow morning is far out of sight


Let's break the house rules

Push the limit

Another shot and you will be winning

Break the house rules

Oh come on down, and party like there’s no way out


There’s time for Shakespeare, Burns, Keats, even Yates

A little Opera Wednesday night could be ace

But not tonight no not on the 5th day

It’s written you shall party like hell




Oh won’t you stay with me

Do what you do what, you want with me

A little sin won’t do no harm

Your mama's warning, full of charm

The night is young and so are we




Hero’s Journey




South of the horizon  -  Wild the rivers flow

Don’t you waste yet another day  -  Hear your journeys call


When you dare to fly, you find you’re not alone

Take heart my friend and step in the unknown



No one else can make you feel this way

The truth you seek gets closer so don’t you stray

 and trust in your story


The dark seems never ending

Doubts will cloud your mind

Lost and broken ‘n all alone

Keep on going and you will find

When you take the road back home from the unknown

You can never be the same you were before



No one else can make you feel this way

The truth you seek gets closer so don’t you stray

The darkest night the bringer of a brand new day

The voice inside holds the key to the games we play


Life As We Know It




So here you stand and you’re telling me how tough life is

How you’re working a job for a guy you cannot stand

Sure, the money is good and you're 5 minutes from where you're living

Yeah you want it all but you don’t want to give up a thing



So, this is life and we ride it as hard as we can

No use in crying, when the going gets tough, you better toughen your skin

Cause sometimes life rocks

And sometimes life rocks you

It’s a story of give and take

Learn your lesson and make it through



So, the love of your life just told you to move on

Yeah, she found somebody else to spend her time with

Sure, the time that you spend were wasted looking at i-phones

But it sure ain’t your fault that’s how the world runs today, so you say



All That Matters



Last I checked - you were of the mind

Yours is yours and mine is mine


Define our worth by holding on

To stuff that fades, what have we won?

We’re fighting and grabbing and stashing some shit no one needs



Here we stand - at the water line

Will we drown or ride the tide


Can’t you see

There’s no story of you and me

Cut and we both bleed

What’s the price of feeling free?



Throw your caution to the wind

Life don’t care about where you’ve been

Raise a glass because we have enough

Of everything that matters in the end



Now’s the time -  to realise

Holding tight, so tight, will blind our eyes


Can’t you see

There’s no story of you and me

Cut and we both bleed

What’s the price of feeling free?




Kick Up Some Dust



Monday morning, and the tie around your neck

feels tighter than last week, oh yeah


Where are you going, all the voices in your head

They try to scare you and hold you back


There’s a knowing, you don’t have to crawl

You can run from the story of someone else’s dream


Drop the cloths of the man

Who couldn’t find nothing to wear

Stand naked and free yourself


You gonna kick up some dust if you know what you want, yeah

You gotta straighten that back if you go it alone

Every journey you take starts with the first step

Gotta know who you are

Before you get what you want



The world as you know it, wants a different you

Don’t you take that shoe and try to make it fit


Let them scream, let them fight

You don’t owe them a dime

nothing can change unless we make it so




We tend to be our worst enemy

Don't you know, don't you see where it goes

When we fight against our lives

we miss the small voice inside

and the message from the heart



Top Shelf Conversation



Got a top shelf conversation

Liquor’s running through my veins

When all is said and done

And there’s no one else to blame

Yeah but me, you blame me


The truth doesn’t come easy

To some folks so it seems

They need a shot of liquid courage

To tell it as it is

Can’t you see, it ain’t just me


You gotta let it go

Can’t hold on

Cracks will show

Whichever way the dice may roll

You gotta dig down deep

Find your peace

You got to let it go



You’re looking for forgiveness

The only one you need

Is staring at you from the mirror

The only one to set you free

Ain't me, it ain’t me



The story that we tell ourselves - let it go

The monster that is scratching inside your mind

Has a need for feeding, need for pain

So turn around and shake it

and let it, you gotta let it go....



A Step Too Far



Staring at the spot where the crack lets the light in

Wondering what secrets, the darkness must hide

People will tell you life ain’t made for the living

With all due respect, I think you are lying


No one holds the answer

For someone else’s dream

The fever breaks the deadlock on the silence of the scream



No one really knows where beliefs all come from

One thing's for sure, you shouldn’t be trying

Stepping over lines that were drawn as a warning

God only knows, what’s on the other side

One step too far

Is a step in the right direction

Know who you are, and you’ll find your way

One step too far

Is a step in the right direction

Start where you are, and you’ll find your way



Everybody knows the light shines brighter

From those who are trying to go their own way

Every heard of sheep just follows a leader

Don’t be like them, take your own stand