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StoneWire at The Half Moon, Putney

So how are we supposed to follow playing to sell-out crowds in Munich? By playing at the famous and historic Half Moon pub in Putney, that's how! What a special place.. you gotta love playing on the very same stage that's hosted the likes of Keith Richards and Van Morrison. As ever, many thanks to all you people who came along and helped make it another rocking night. Playing to such a crowd on a 'best small venue' nominated stage is better than, well, for want of a lesser used term... the sun! Now then, who do we have to see about getting our photo put up next to Keith's?

In other news - we've been back working hard on some new material and the rockin' results can be heard very soon... so keep your ears... er.... peeled!? ... for new trax at gigs in the near future. And in case you weren't aware (Hello!? Where on earth have you been!?) our debut EP is out now on CD or via download from this very here site! So get them peeled ears on it! Or something less weird...