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Hold the front page! Feedback and reviews from our first 10 months!

"The first thing you notice about a StoneWire track is how easy they make it all sound, which immediately makes you sit back and realise that it has taken a lot of work"

<p>"That's when things start to hot up, overdrive kicks in and the delta blues, which has started off 'smokier than the first 10 minutes of a bbq', begin to show where the song is going all of a sudden your head is nodding and you're air guitaring and drumming without even realising it"

<p>"this is not music to do the housework too, it deserves your full attention"

<p>"It became very apparent this band were taking their jobs very serious, Sky's vocals cuts through like a knife, the engine room supplied by Steve & Rob purrs like my old V12 Jag. Then there're the synchronised guitars of Jack & Rich... Wow...when Jack takes the lead, he is breath-taking"

<p>"Their original material, a combination of Rock & blues can be found on a CD (get a copy). They belt these tracks out live with great confidence"

<p>"One of the best new acts to play LEO'S this year. If you get the opportunity to see them live..TAKE IT!!"

<p>"StoneWire! These guys are really something to be excited about. From their thundering bass lines to their solid drum beats they don't fail to impress."

<p>"Tracks like "Why Me" and "Walk On" have quite a bluesy feel to them. "Sky's vocals show hints of her influences in blues while still retaining the dirty rock sound, these tracks should certainly get you moving."

<p>""Forgiveness" which is the track that stood out the most to me has a great melodic guitar riff and key changes. The harmonies in the vocals give me goose bumps. I love a good rock ballad and quite clearly these guys feel the same."

<p>"StoneWire with powerhouse Sky Hunter up front gave the German audience an unforgettable experience. After years of mediocre pop that flooded the music world, the feeling to have been "woken up" musically once more is still humming in my bones."

<p>"a great show and musically absolute outstanding. Please come back and give the German audience another round - it was an incredible evening, thank you StoneWire"

<p>"well, we told you how good this band were last month as Germanic Joplin-esque superdiva Sky belts out rock classics of all sorts with more balls than the National Lottery. Best new band this year"

<p>Thank you Terry Lee (Red Lion), Chelle (Rock Bock), Stevie (The Marina Fountain), Jaspa (MtM Radio) and 7 Events.