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Happy New Year! Here's to a rockin' 2012!

What a year it's been for us! We launched the website, made the EP, recorded a video, went on tour to Germany, met many great people and made a load of new friends. But of course, most importantly, we had an absolutely rockin' time!.

So this is a big THANK YOU to all who supported us over the year with their help and time. Thanks to all the venues we played. Thanks to everyone who bought our EP and thanks to everyone for coming to our gigs. You are the ones who made 2011 awesome and without each and every one of you we wouldn't have had half as much fun!

So now it's time to bring on 2012! It already looks to be another great one. Work on the album has started and we will be lauching a band blog so watch this space. We have some great gigs lined up and we can't wait to get out there hard and loud and in your face! So, here is to a fantastic 2012, hope all your dreams come true and catch you on the road sometime.