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Work on the Album begins in earnest! And Gaz... welcome to StoneWire!

A huge thanks to all of you who have been in contact with us to find out when we'll be playing in a town near you - your continued support is both humbling and inspiring. We thrive on it. Rest assured we will get out on the road and to a town near you as soon as we can.

The bad news is that we're trying to keep the gigs down a bit over the coming months. The good news is that this is because we are starting to really get cracking on writing and recording our first full album. We're really excited about how things are going and with the material that is flowing fresh and fast. At this rate the album will be out and hitting your ears faster than you can say "rock n roll, baby!"

One last thing, those of you who have seen us at a show recently may have noticed a tall hairy creature roaming the stage like a colossus with a guitar! This is nothing to be alarmed about! It is merely the latest addition to our line-up! We would like to officially welcome Gaz to StoneWire. With gigs already under his belt and new songs in the bag Gaz is fast becoming part of the unit, one of the family, that is StoneWire.

Perhaps we'll see you at our next gig in Southampton on the 30th November when we will be joining our good friends Stone Free at The Firehouse. Can't wait!