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Review of our gig at The Rock Patch

Check out the awesome write up about our gig yesterday at The Rock Patch Merton Manor Club. If you love your live music make sure you support these guys and the venue – it’s all about keeping the music scene alive and kicking. With so many live venues closing down this is a great idea run by great people

The Rock Patch

Well what can I say about last night??? StoneWire were absolutely fantastic!! Sky Hunter’s stage presence is phenomenal, vocal dynamics were sublime, one of the best female rock voices I’ve ever heard, hand on heart.

The band were tight as any Jew I’ve ever met ;oD

Steve the bass player was head banging so hard I thought his head was gonna literally drop off, whilst still walking the fret board brilliantly!

Robbie the drummer was hitting the drums with such aggression it could of been the demolition derby!!! Perfect conducting of band though and not a beat dropped, the man is a machine \m/

Gaz the guitarist, had big shoes to fill but by God did you fill them well. The nuances in your playing made me go to jelly with the ease you were teasing and attacking in all the right places, well done sir indeed.

StoneWire are definitely a band you should research and without a second thought you should download their E.P.

A band that knows that Rock should be delivered in a very sexy and aggressive way, with confidence and a touch of arrogance for all the right reasons..

Would we have them back? In a heartbeat and that would be too long!!!!

Make sure you come along to the next gig that we feature StoneWire, any band that does a 20 minute Led Zeppelin mix perfectly and who’s own material is worthy of mainstream radio play should be supported completely.

Once again thank you to Sky, Robbie, Gaz and Steve for such a flawless evening of blood pumping Rock N Roll!!!!