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Sweden with Schenker and partying in Rhodes. What a month!

What a few weeks of fun and mayhem we've had here in the StoneWire camp! Firstly the honour of supporting the Michael Schenker Group on the Swedish leg of the Lovedrive Reunion Tour and then two weeks of what can only be described as the utterly magical experience that is Rhodes Rock.

Our time in Sweden was simply amazing. What a wonderful (all be it expensive) country full of wonderful people! And man do they know how to rock! We were so well received it was like playing to a home crowd every single night and we'll jump at the chance to go back as soon as an opportunity arises. We left Sweden with a lot of new friends and a lot of great memories... if only we had made it home okay! Eventually we did... 3 vans, 4 stranded nights and 2 tragically dead deer later... it was a true story of the highs and lows of being on the road in a rock n roll band! But just a few sleep filled days later we were setting off again - destination Rhodes!

The two weeks playing at Rhodes Rock Festival was a magical experience. We made some great new friends in Four Wheel Drive and Prezence as well as hooking up with our old friends in Towers of Stone and Stone Free. And of course we got to party once more with the crazy Rhodes Rockers! All such amazing people.

We got to play a very special show at the Ancient Amphitheatre to a packed crowd on a completely magical night that will live long in our memories and our hearts. And then something very special happened as well... 5 bands holed up in a hotel for two weeks bonded like something we've never experienced before and led to what must have been two of the greatest jam nights ever to be staged anywhere ever! It was a pleasure and an honour to be part of it all.

So what next for StoneWire? - well, finishing that album of course! We're going to be working hard in the studio over the coming months but will see you out on the road towards the end of 2013 fired up and ready to rock once more.