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You know those times when people say you are too much of something - too honest! too blunt! too loud! - and you think well what the hell, this is me so deal with it.

Yeah, we get it – our first single from the album is called Favourite Bitch and deals with exactly that. Sky was fed up being told to pipe down and fit in so she wrote a song about it.

And now here is a chance for all you guys to tell us which too…….. YOU are always being knocked for?

or what about too shy! too quiet! too nice! Need to get something off your chest?

Post a too………… followed by #FavouriteBitch and the best comments will be featured in our next video.

Here’s a clip of Favourite Bitch

So come on shout about it on Twitter or post it to our StoneWire Facebook

We can’t wait to see what you guys are going to come up with